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The system of technical regulation and standardization

Integration of the Republic of Belarus in world economy, stirring up of foreign-economic activity, promotion of Belarusian products to international market and the tasks of social and economic development of the country have stipulated the necessity for technical legislation modification.

The Law of the Republic of Belarus «On technical regulation and standardization» adopted in 2004, is based on the provisions of the WTO Agreements and takes into account aspects of the systems of technical regulation and standardization of Russia, Ukraine, other countries and the European Union as well.

In compliance with the new system of technical regulation and standardization the technical normative legal acts are:
  • technical regulations
  • technical codes of good practice
  • governmental standards of the Republic of Belarus
  • standards of organizations
  • specifications

Information on the technical regulation preparation

In the works on standardization in Belarus the systems approach is used which is implemented on the basis of annual plans of state standardization covering all sectors of industry, agriculture and services.

For the complex solution of tasks on improvement of products technical level, quality and competitiveness by methods of standardization in priority sectors of economy a set of target programmes for standardization in the forestry, energy efficiency, construction is approved. State authorities, scientific and research institutes and enterprises of Belarus take part in implementation of these programmes.

Annually more than 500 governmental standards are approved in Belarus. It ensures necessary replenishment and maintenance in updated state of operating fund of governmental standards which includes more than 22 thousand of documents. The level of governmental standards harmonization with international ones is 60%.

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