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Purposes and principles of Conformity Assessment

Purposes of Conformity Assessment are as follows:
  1. to ensure protection of life, health and heredity of a human-being, property and environmental protection;
  2. to increase the competitiveness of products (works, services);
  3. to ensure energy- and resource-saving;
  4. to create favorable conditions to ensure free movement of goods at internal and external markets as well as to participate in international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and international trade

Principles of Conformity Assessment are as follows:
  1. harmonization with international and intergovernmental (regional) approaches in the field of conformity assessment;
  2. provision of the identity of procedures for conformity approval of national and foreign objects for conformity attestation;
  3. compliance with the requirements of confidentiality of data received during the performance of works on conformity assessment.

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