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National Accreditation Body

Since 01.09.2010 in the Republic of Belarus accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (laboratories, certification bodies) are carried out by the Republican Unitarian Enterprise “Belarussian State Center for Accreditation” (State Enterprise “BSCA”).

By the Order of Gosstandart of 30.08.2010 No.118 the functions of National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Belarus are assigned to it.

The objective of the Belarussian State Center for Accreditation activity is:

      —    accreditation, suspension or withdrawal of accreditation, confirmation and prolongation of accreditation, extending of accreditation, periodic inspection of accredited:
  • testing laboratories (centers);
  • medical laboratories (centers);
  • calibration laboratories (centers);
  • reference laboratories (centers);
  • legal entities of State meteorological service carrying out state testing of measuring instruments, metrological certification of measuring instruments and metrological confirmation of the suitability of measurement techniques, metrological confirmation of suitability of techniques of performance of measurements;
  • certification bodies for products, services, management systems, personnel and other objects of conformity assessment;
  • inspection bodies;
  • organizations-providers of interlaboratory comparisons;
      —   participation in the work of international and regional organizations for accreditation;

      —   attestation of assessors;

      —   maintenance of the Register of National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus;

Contact information
6 Velozavodskaya, Minsk 220033
220053, Minsk
tel.: +375 17 230 20 36, fax: +375 17 246 92 52
e-mail: bsca@bsca.by

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