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The aims and tasks of the system

The aims of the system are:

  • Ensuring the uniformity of measurements as one of the major elements of the common market of products, works and services of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Protection of interests of the population and the state against consequences of inexact and wrong measurement;
  • Reliable account of material, energetic and natural resources;
  • Improvement of measurement technique according to the level of technical and economic development;
  • Improvement of goods and services quality and maintenance of products competitiveness;
  • Objective and comparable assessment of parameters of the environment;
  • Achievement of confidence to the results of measurements in carrying out inspection, calibration, tests.

The tasks of the system

  • Development of scientific and methodical, legal and organizational bases of the System;
  • Organization and implementation of scientific researches on use of advanced achievements in science and techniques for the purpose of creation and perfection of methods and measurement devices of the higher accuracy and definition of values of physical constants;
  • Standardization of general provisions, rules, requirements and norms of the System;
  • Establishment of units permissible to application;
  • Creation, approval, maintenance, storage and comparison of national and reference standards of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Establishment of the uniform order of unit sizes transfer from standards to other measuring instrumentation;
  • Establishment of requirements to metrological characteristics of measuring instrumentation;
  • Establishment of general requirements to test equipment attestation;
  • Establishment of the order and implementation of metrological attestation of procedures for measurement performance, development of procedures for estimation the errors (uncertainties) of measurements and providing required precision;
  • Carrying out metrological examination of design, technological, design and program documentation, scientific and technical programmes;
  • Establishment of the order of organization and implementation of tests, metrological attestation, verification and calibration of measuring instrumentation;
  • Establishment of general requirements to standard samples and their attestation;
  • Establishment of values of physical constants, reception and standardization of the data characterizing the properties of substances and materials;
  • Development of methods and measuring instrumentation;
  • Development and attestation of procedures for measurements;
  • State metrological supervision and the metrological control over production, condition, application and repair of measuring means and observance of metrological rules, requirements and norms as well as activities of metrological services of enterprises;
  • Organization and implementation of training and professional development of experts in the field of metrology;
  • Organization of works on international cooperation in the field of metrology, maintenance of uniformity and required precision of measurements necessary for international trade, scientific and technical and economic co-operation.

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