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National technical committees

In our country representatives of manufacturing enterprises, scientific-research organizations and other interested organizations which are included in national technical committees on standardization take part in the development of standards. The standard is a universal tool that contains ready-made technical solution, which can be useful for ensuring protection of human life and health, protection of the environment and arrangement of manufacture in such a way as to make the best use of resources for products manufacturing. And the most important thing is that the standard is a mechanism for eliminating technical barriers to trade. Technical committees on standardization are voluntary non-profit organizations. There are 44 technical committees on standardization in Belarus.

As for matters of participation in the work of the technical committee it is necessary to send proposals to the Secretariat.

To create a new technical committee for a scope which is not yet covered by the existing technical committees it is necessary to look through the basic rules of creation and operation which are provided in TCP 1.12-2008 “System for Technical Normalization and Standardization of the Republic of Belаrus. Rules for organization and work of the technical committees on standardization”. Then, in accordance with the requirements of this TCP the proposals and a set of required documents should be prepared and submitted to Gosstandart.

TC No.



TC 2
 (pdf-file 63kb)
Armaments, military and special equipment standardization BelGISS
TC 4
 (pdf-file 65kb)
Quality management For more information see web-site of BelGISS BelGISS
TC 5
 (pdf-file 68kb)
Welding and allied processes Science and Research Design and Technology Institute for Welding and Protective Coatings with Pilot Production
TC 6
 (pdf-file 61kb)
Standardization in metrology BelGIM
TC 7
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Wheeled vehicles BelGISS
TC 8
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Powder and composite products State Scientific Establishment “Institute for Powder Metallurgy”
TC 10
 (pdf-file 62kb)
Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
TC 11
 (pdf-file 63kb)
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry BelGISS
TC 12
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Light industry RUE “Scientific Research Center of Light Industry”
TC 14
 (pdf-file 69kb)
Perfumery and cosmetic products RUE “BelGIM”
TC 16
 (pdf-file 83kb)
Food raw materials and their derivatives RUE “Scientific Practical Center for Foodstuffs of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”
TC 17
 (pdf-file 82kb)
Trunk pipeline transportation of oil, gas and petroleum products EE “Polotsk State University”
TC 18
 (pdf-file 82kb)
Medical equipment BelGISS
TC 19
 (pdf-file 99kb)
Electrical engineering and electronics BelGISS
TC 21
 (pdf-file 90kb)
Totalizing cash registers and special computer systems BelGISS
TC 22
 (pdf-file 68kb)
Information technology BelGISS
TC 23
 (pdf-file 77kb)
Timber UE “Belgiproles”
TC 24
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Identification State-run Enterprise “Center for Identification Systems”
TC 25
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Paint-and-lacquer materials BelGISS
TC 26
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Car service BelGIM
TC 27
 (pdf-file 75kb)
Telecommunications JSC “Giprosvyaz”
TC 28
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Documents control Belarusian Research Institute of Documentation and Archival Science
TC 29
Space systems and technologies UE “Geoinformation Systems”
TC BY 30
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Conformity assessment
Details on TC BY 30 activities
TC BY 31
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Navigation JSC "SKB Kamerton"
TC BY 32
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Energy efficiency BelGISS
TC BY 33
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Reliability in technical equipment State Scientific Institution “Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”
TC BY 34
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Forensic expert activities and forensic equipment State Scientific Institution “Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”
TC BY 35
 (pdf-file 76kb)
Fire safety and fire-fighting devices. Requirements for ensuring the fire safety State Scientific Institution “Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”

Technical committees on standardization in the field of architecture and construction (TCS)

TC No.



 (pdf-file 63kb)
Standardization, certification, metrology in construction RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 176kb)
Basements and foundations, engineering surveys RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 169kb)
Fire safety RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 173kb)
Civil and structural design RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 169kb)
Water-engineering construction, water supply and water disposal RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 176kb)
Heat-power equipment within buildings and structures RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 175kb)
Transport facilities RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 177kb)
Concrete and reinforced concrete structures, concretes and mortars RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 171kb)
Metal and wood structures RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 171kb)
Building materials and products RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 170kb)
Execution of works RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 97kb)
Operation, inspection and reconstruction of buildings and structures RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 179kb)
Translucent fences of different structural designs, doors and gates and related appliances RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 178kb)
Energy saving, energy efficiency, energy management RUE “Stroytechnorm”
 (pdf-file 63kb)
Urban construction RUE “Stroytechnorm”

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